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Mactop MT-400A stúdióvaku (400Ws)

Mactop MT-400A stúdióvaku (400Ws)

68 947 Ft (nettó: 54 289 Ft)

Product description

– Upgraded 10mm flash tube increases the flash intensity by 20%

– Overheat protection ensures long time work of the strobe flash

– Bowens style mountings compatible with the most photographic accessories

– Flash tube delievers the beam covering wider range

– High quality capacitors extends the lifespan more than 150000 flashes

-Superior quality,durable flash tube

-Aluminium Shell

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Model No. MT-400A
Output power 400Ws
Exposure Index 65GN
Recycling Time 0.2-1.3S
Color Temperature 5600±100K
Modeling light AC110V/AC220V/100W/3000K
Light Holder E27
Recycling Indication Buzzer
Triggering Method Photocell,sync cable,test button
Voltage AC110V/AC220V,56/60Hz,5A

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