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NanGuang CN-1200DSA DMX LED panel

NanGuang CN-1200DSA DMX LED panel

190 990 Ft (nettó: 150 386 Ft)


Power source:12-16.8VDC;100-240V AC; Sony V-lock battery

Color temperature: 5600K

LED Bulbs: 1200 pcs


CRI: Ra 95

Brightness control: Dimming/2.4G wireless control/WiFi

Size of Product(MM): 475*400*80

Weight of Product(KG): 2.55

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1.High CRI,Ra95,accurate color temperature. Suitable for video shooting.

2.Dimmable and portable, dual power supply.Perfect for on location such as news interview,video shooting,wedding photography and videography.

3.DMX function,highly cost effective,popular in broadcast studio lighting solutions.

4.Have 2.4G wireless control function,could use the remote control or download Nangaung lighting APP  (with WiFi transfer device) to control the brightness and set group with other Nanguang lights.

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