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NanGuang Luxpad23 LED kameralámpa

NanGuang Luxpad23 LED kameralámpa

16 900 Ft (nettó: 13 307 Ft)

Áram ellátás: DC7.2-15V; Sony battery NP-F series

Teljesítmény: 11.6w

Fényerő: 681.29lm

Színhőmérséklet: 3200k-5600k

Fényerő szabályozás: Dimming/2.4G wireless control/WiFi

Méretek: 165mm*115mm*18mm

Súly: 230g

Azonnal vihető

Luxpad23 adopts high-quality and professional LED SMD,Ra:95,bi-color 3200K-5600K,suitable for special photography of micro film,wedding scene,still life,portrait,infants and children and so on.                      


1.The design of adequate ventilation holes is good for heat dissipation and lengthens service life of the light;

2.Separate and stepless dimming for color temperature and brightness control;

3.Bi-color fill-in light could offer various shooting effects;

Special light guide plate and imported LED SMD,the light could offer soft and even lighting,good to care eyes, especially for a close-up shot when infants and children need to look straightly to the lighting;

4.CRI:95,high color rendition,so competitive advantage makes your shooting and post production more effective;

5.Dimmable,remote control,fulfill take pictures easily; Ultra Thin and cute housing,easy-to-carry,various power sources: AA battery, NP-F series battery, DC adapter.

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