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MX-G10 Marrex GPS vevő Canon DSLR-hez

MX-G10 Marrex GPS vevő Canon DSLR-hez

15 000 Ft (nettó: 11 811 Ft)

  • Record GPS info: latitude, longitude, elevation, time, date
  • Log function for recording route
  • LED indicator
  • 3-axis electronic compass
  • Built-in Li-ion Battery
  • GPS data-hold
  • Organize the stock photos
  • Easy and convenient to use

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Marrex MX-G10 is a new version of GPS receiver specially designed for Canon DSLR cameras.
It is very useful for photographers to organize their stock photos. With MX-G10, figuring out when, where and why a certain photo was taken is not a problem anymore.
When connected to the camera and positioned successfully, the GPS information (longitude, latitude, elevation and Universal Coordination Time) will be recorded as EXIF data.
Compared with the previous receivers, MX-G10 is equipped with build-in Li-ion battery. It can work independently as a professional handheld GPS receiver without connecting to a camera.
In addition,MX-G10 uses a highly sensitive antenna and upgraded GPS chipset to enhance the speed of positioning.


Canon 1DX, 1DC, 7D, 6D, 5DMark III, 70D, 700D, 650D, 100D, 1200D, EOS M, EOS M2

GPS data-hold
If the GPS signal is lost,MX-G10 will automatically reuse the last valid GPS information for tagging the current photo.

Build-in Li-ion battery
A build-in rechargeable battery can continuously run for up to 6 hours.

Fast acquisition
Highly sensitive antenna and upgraded GPS chipset accelerate the satellite searching speed.