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YongNuo YN565 EX rendszervaku Nikon

YongNuo YN565 EX rendszervaku Nikon

37 900 Ft (nettó: 29 843 Ft)


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Name: Yongnuo YN565EX flash for Nikon cameras
Line Design: Automatic Insulated two Transistor (IGBT)
Flash Index: 58 (ISO 100, 105mm)
Flash mode: TTL, M, MULTI
Wireless Trigger: C home wireless / N home wireless / S1 / S2 avoid pre-flash mode
Wireless Flash Distance: 20 ~ 25 meters indoor, outdoor 10 to 15 meters
Support slave unit group: 3 (A, B and C groups)
Wireless Channel: 4
Flash coverage: auto, 24,28,35,50,70,80,105mm
Tilt angle: -7 to 90 degrees
Left and right rotation angle: 0 to 270 degrees
Power: 4 AA alkaline batteries or NiMH AA (Ni-MH) batteries
Luminous Views: 100 to 1500 times (with AA alkaline batteries)
Recycle time: about 3 seconds (using AA alkaline batteries)
Color Temperature: 5600k
Flash time: 200 sec to 1/20000 seconds
Flash Control: 8 brightness control (1/128 to 1/1), a total of 22 fine-tuning
External interface: hot shoe, PC port, an external charging port
External power supply: connect SF-18C or SF-17C charging case
Additional features: Rear-curtain sync, exposure compensation, exposure bracketing, exposure lock, angiography flash lamp manual zoom, auto zoom, sound prompt, advanced options, auto-save settings, PC synchronization, power saving mode, overheat protection
Volume: 60 × 190 × 78mm (extended state)
Weight: 380g
Compatible N home wireless flash system:
Same YN565EX can also accept 580EX II, SB-900 inside / 800 / 700,7D / 60D / 600D flash, flash C command and ST-E2 wireless signal within the N family camera to achieve off-camera TTL and manual flash.
The first China-made large index TTL flash:
GN58 @ ISO100,105mm; achieve the same level of the mainstream hot shoe flash, support TTL, M, MULTI flash mode.
Variety of trigger synchronization, flexible:
YN565EX triggered by camera-top, built-in flash command or master trigger, S1 and S2 to avoid pre-flash trigger.
Supports automatic and manual zoom lamp:
By operating the zoom button on the flash and adjust, you can make the cap covering the focal length in the auto, movements between 24 ~ 105mm; supports full-size, medium-format cameras.
Full support TTL functions:
Exposure compensation, exposure bracketing, rear-curtain sync, exposure lock, the aperture preview angiography flash, Canon camera menu access
Fast call back system:
Recycle time at full output only 3 seconds; You can also use an external charging box for recycling time to accelerate again.
Equipped with an external power outlet:
YN565EX equipped with an external power outlet to meet your needs better call back, never miss moments.
Synchronization with PC interface:
Makes you more convenient to use PC sync cable allows flash sync flash.
Voice prompt system:
Turn voice prompts, a different sound way different working conditions prompt flash, allowing you to concentrate on shooting.
Aperture Preview angiography flash:
Aperture preview button to operate the camera on, YN565EX will issue a second continuous flash for the subject contrast.
Advanced Options settings:
YN565EX with advanced options settings, you can customize according to their needs flash function.
Auto Save Settings:
YN565EX can automatically save your current operating settings, allowing you to use the next boot.
LCD display interface, decent appearance
Metal texture shoe interface, rugged, reliable, and to force
Products include:
Yongnuo YN565EX flash for nikon x1
Carrying case x1
Micro Base x1
Manual x1
Packing box x1



The circuit design:  automatic insulation levels Transistor (IGBT)
Guide number:       58 (ISO 100, 105mm)
Flash mode:           TTL, M, MULTI
The wireless trigger: wireless C / N wireless / S1/S2 avoid the pre-flash mode
Wireless cited flash distance: indoor 20 to 25 m, 10 to 15 meters outdoor
Support group of the slave unit: 3 (group A, B and C)
Wireless Channel: 4 Flash coverage: auto, 24,28,35,50,70,80,105 mm
Tilt angle: -7 ~ 90 degrees
Left and right rotation angle: 0 to 270 degrees
Power: 4 AA alkaline batteries or AA nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery
Light-emitting Views: 100 ~ 1500 times (AA alkaline batteries)
Recycle time: about 3 seconds (using AA alkaline batteries)
Color temperature: 5600k
Flash time: 1/200 sec to 1/20000 sec.
Flash Control: 8 brightness control (1/128 to 1/1), a total of 22 fine-tuning
External interface: hot shoe, PC port, an external charging port
SF-18C or SF-17C charging box can be connected to an external power supply:
Additional features: Rear-curtain sync, exposure compensation, exposure bracketing, exposure lock,angiography flash lamp manual zoom, auto zoom, sound prompt, advanced options, and automatically save the settings, PC synchronization, power-saving mode, overheating protection