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CineWare Geared Boom Állvány

CineWare Geared Boom Állvány

88 000 Ft (nettó: 69 291 Ft)

Stand Height: 150-235cm
Arm Length: 150-260cm
Arm Diameter: 33mm
Stand Diameter: 38mm; 33mm
Sandbag Counterweight: 5kg
Load Capacity: 10kg

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The Cineware Geared Boom includes the base stand, the cross arm, and the counterweight. It is ideal for both continuous light and flash heads with soft boxes, as the gear mechanism allows for the adjustment of the angle of the light and softbox, without bringing the gear down from position. With a load rating of 10kg it will comfortably support a large studio light with a large softbox. The extendable boom arm features an oversized foam handle for rotation and fine adjustments. The included castor wheels make it fast and easy to move the boom, light and softbox around the studio without disassembling the setup.

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