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R-100 LED lámpa

R-100 LED lámpa

130 990 Ft (nettó: 103 142 Ft)


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The R-100 LED Light Panel features one hundred (100), daylight balanced Power LEDs that deliver up to 1000 lx of illumination. With a 60° beam angle, the R-100 delivers a wide and even beam of light. This light is dimmable from 10-100% and is powered by an external power source through its DCΦ2.5 jack.

This light also features two swing away filters: one (1) tungsten filter and one (1) diffusion filter. The light has a 1/4″-20 female thread on its underside that allows you to mount the light onto articulating arms, spigots, or the Kai Arm (which is included with the light).

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