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CineWare LED Fresnel Spot Light 200W

CineWare LED Fresnel Spot Light 200W

219 900 Ft (nettó: 173 150 Ft)

  • CRI 95
  • DMX vezérlés
  • DC12V, AC100-240V
  • Hangtalan


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CineWare LED Fresnel Spot Light 200W fresnel spot light is suitable for indoor & outdoor video shooting and photography, especially for film shooting.
Detailed Features:

1. 3 layers of aspheric lens optical system, high light efficiency, focal can be adjusted  continuously and evenly
2. DMX512 protocol management, single, master-slave or system dimming more flexible
3. Luminous flux up to 17000 Lumen, high brightness
4. Accurate color temperature, only bi-color temperature LED fresnel spotlight in China
5. Efficient heat pipe technology, self cooling with no fan, no noise, stable
6. High efficiency, energy-saving, environmental protection
7. High CRI >93, high reductive degree, good texture
8. Built-in power supply, stable performance

Model CineWare LED Fresnel Spot Light 200W
CRI >95
Voltage AC100-240V, DC24V
Power 200W
Illuminance 6800Lux/2m
Color temperature 5600K, 3200K, 5600K-3200K
Dimming 0-100%
Control mode DMX and Manual
Beam angle 15°-60°
Size 330*480*518mm
Weight 9.5kg
IP 21
Lens diameter 175mm
Colling self cooling with no fan

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