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YONGNUO YN-216 kamera lámpa LED

YONGNUO YN-216 kamera lámpa LED

29 991 Ft (nettó: 23 615 Ft)


Méretek: 133 x 127 x 127 mm
Tömeg (elem nélkül): 335 g
– Fényesség: 2000 lumen
– Teljesítmény: 13 W
– élettartamú LED: 50.000 óra
– Sugárzási szög: 55 fok
– LED-ek száma: 216
– Hőmérséklet szín: 5500K

1、The YN216 adopts 216 high-quality LED lamp beads of extra-large luminous chips, the brightness is brighter, the light spot is more evenly and the service time is longer.2、The YN216 adopts the encoder digital dimming which can be separately adiusted to rouhu dimming and find dimming modes, more convenient to use.3、Adopted the the professional LED driving chip, the light is stable and the efficiency up to 93%.4、Can be installed on the camera or fix on a tripod for use.

5、Four color temperature plates are configured and suitable for use under different environments.

6、Provides 3 kinds of power supply mode so as to meet your multipurpose use for a long time.

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