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Háttér gyerekfotózáshoz sötét fa 1,2×3,6m

Háttér gyerekfotózáshoz sötét fa 1,2×3,6m

6 160 Ft (nettó: 4 850 Ft)


Cikkszám: CW1882 Kategóriák: , Címke:


The photography backdrops are designed for use with children, family or product photography. The backdrop patterns are seamless and printed with a fade-resistant ink for a vibrant long lasting colour.

Ella Bella backdrops are made from 90gsm, acid free, recyclable paper. The roll is 1.22 x 3.65m (4ft x 12ft). The paper does not come on a cardboard core as our usual papers do, the opening is 2.5cm Diameter so the poles from our support system just about slides inside.

The wood designs are generally used as a “floor” in conjunction with other backdrop designs and a length of wooden skirting board available from DIY outlets.