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9 134 Ft (nettó: 7 192 Ft)

Vízalatti tok, búvártok WP-300 (310)


Cikkszám: WP300WATERPROOF Kategória: Címke:


Vízalatti fényképezés mellett védelmet nyújt télen-nyáron vizisportoknál, síelésnél. Véd a homok, por, hó, sár ellen. Limitless usage possibilities: Water parks Water pool Snorkeling and diving Swimming beaches Sandy beaches Rainy days Water sports Camping and hiking Fishing and hunting Construction areas Features: Guaranteed underwater performance for up to 16ft (5m) depth. Passed JIS(Japan Industrial Standards) waterproof test 8 grades UV coated optical lens Transparent and flexible case for convenient camera buttons control Reliable double seal closing system with waterproof zipper and Roll & Velcro opening User friendly operation Detachable neck strap INCLUDED: Detachable neck strap with Zoom lens extension ring. Required for some cameras(marked on compatibility list with * sign) that have longer zoom lens. Fits inside the case lens adapter and adds extra length for zoom lens movement. Instruction manual Retail pack Instruction to use:1. Open the mouth of the case after turning the camera off. 2. Put the camera into the case aligning the DiCAPac lens adapter with the camera lens. 3. Zip the case than press and fold along the folding lines. 4. Close the mouth of the case with Velcro. 5. Unscrew the DiCAPac lens adapter cap, using the finger position camera lens to the middle of lens adapter, screw the lens adapter cap back on. 6. To remove the camera open the mouth of the case when keeping it in downward position to prevent water from going in inside the case

Méret: 10.5X16cm