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CW motoros dolly 360

CW motoros dolly 360

31 930 Ft (nettó: 25 142 Ft)


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1. Connect and repair a mobile phone clip with 1/4 and 3/8 screws.
2. Fixed mobile phone clip to autodolly’s screw hole.
3. Install the battery and cell phone, then open the power switch.
shooting in a straight line
360 degrees panoramic shooting
battery installation method
start switch
Autodolly, you can adjust the angle to realize the simple and aptitude of shooting. It also can be used to install the ball head of a foundation plate.
Battety Cr2 lithium battery. the voltage is 3 v
speed No load is 1310 mm / min, the overload is 1080 mm / min
load capacity 6 kg
Max. working time is the hour, the capacity of the mobile phone is 9 hours
noise level 50DB / ± 2%
size 116 * 101
do not force the engine wheel rotation
does not exceed the bearing range of the weight
Do not use in uneven terrain
it must ajust the center and the camera has stood well before use.
Packing list:
1 * AutoDolly
1 * Battery