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NanGuang CN-V29C KÖR LED szett (lámpa + állvány)

NanGuang CN-V29C KÖR LED szett (lámpa + állvány)

35 545 Ft (nettó: 27 988 Ft)

Power source:DC 12-18V; Sony battery NP-F series

Power: 29W

CRI:Ra 95

Illumination: 2050 LM

Brightness control: Dimmer

Color temperature: 3200K-5600K

Size: 400mm(out-diameter),305mm(in-diameter)

Weight: 910G

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Cikkszám: NANGUANG1056 Kategória: Címke:


1.High brightness and color reducibility,bi-color adjustment and dimmer;

2.With mirror,you can make up anytime and anywhere,very practical and convenient;

3.Cooperated with cell phone and enjoy your selfie time;

4.Especially suitable for portrait,selfie,live video photography,can creat like “diamonds” charming eyes!

5.Excellent fill light for makeup,nailarts,hair salon and so on.

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