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R300 Lumic Daylight LED Ring Light

R300 Lumic Daylight LED Ring Light

62 598 Ft (nettó: 49 290 Ft)

Product Highlights

  • Strong light output
  • Color accurate daylight without tints
  • Absolutely flicker free
  • Simple and cheap powering option by NP-F batteries or 2.5
  • Tungsten filter for 3200K + Soft diffusion filter


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A doboz tartalma:

(1) x R-300 Ring Light(1) x Tungsten Filter

(1) x Frost Diffusion Filter

(1) x L-Bracket



Correlated Color Temperature:  5600K Daylight
Color Rendering Index:  85-90
Illumination Lux@1m / Lumen:  100% Daylight: 1954 lx / 1944 lm
100% Tungsten: N/A
50% Daylight + 50% Tungsten: N/A
Power Draw: 21.18 W Max
Operating Voltage:  6 – 18V DC
Nominal Weight: 350 g
Dimensions LxWxH 208 x 43 x 202 mm
Power Supply: 1 x Sony NP-F Li-ion battery; DC 2.5 Jack
Battery Lifetime:  78 mins @ 1*4800mAh NP-F750



Universal and special at the same time

The R300 Ring Light is a great beauty light when used as a ring light. At the same time with its even and strong light output it’s also useful as a soft general purpose light off-camera.

Easy to travel with

Compact, lightweight and with cheap and small powering options the R300 is the perfect travel companion. The NP-F batteries that can be used with the R300 are no problem to travel with and as the R300 is so power efficient can still power the light for a long period of time.