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R720S Lumic Bi-Color LED Ring Light

R720S Lumic Bi-Color LED Ring Light

196 456 Ft (nettó: 154 690 Ft)

Product Highlights

  • 290mm Center Opening
  • Optional Soft Box
  • Optional 15 mm LWS and 19mm Studio rail support
  • Powered by NP-F batteries
  • Strong light output


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A doboz tartalma:

(1) x R720S Lumic LED Ring Light(1) x 5/8″ Mount

(1) x Frost Diffusion Filter

(1) x D-Tap Power Cable

(1) x Carry Bag




Correlated Color Temperature:  3200 – 5600K Bi-color
Color Rendering Index:  85-90
Illumination Lux@1m / Lumen:  100% Daylight: 2554 lx / 2466 lm
100% Tungsten: 2087 lx / 2137 lm
50% Daylight + 50% Tungsten: 4632 lx / 4584 lm
Power Draw: 50.82 W Max
Operating Voltage:  10 – 18V DC
Nominal Weight: 1.16 kg
Power Supply: 2x Sony NP-F Li-ion battery; DC 2.5 Jack
Battery Lifetime:  65 mins @ 2*4800mAh NP-F750


The Ring To Rule Them All


The Perfect Beauty Light


    Because of its ring light properties and its diameter the light emitted by the R720S Lumic wraps nicely around the subject and is the perfect beauty light. The unique catchlight highlights to the subjects eyes adding a special sparkle.


One Size Fits All


    The benefit of the R720’s large form factor and a center opening of 290 mm is two fold. Not only will the R720S work with the largest cinema lenses, but also it will create large, beautiful catchlights in the eye of your subject.


Ready For Professional Cinema


    The R720S was built with the professional cinematographer in mind. Industry standard mounting options like 15mm LWS and 19mm Studio rail support brackets allow the R720S to be used for productions both big and small.


Be Creative Anywhere – Battery Powered

    The R720S is the perfect companion on the road. The unit can be powered by two small NP-F Li-ion batteries.


Precise Control – LCD Display


    An illuminated LCD displays both intensity and CCT. Dial in your perfect settings everywhere.


Make it Fit Your Needs


    With optional accessories and extended functionalities you can make your R720S the best tool for your needs. The WiFi module will not only add the possibility to control your R720S by an APP or dedicated remote but also adds the independent Quadrant Control to create unique lighting effects controlling the four quadrants individually regarding brightness and even color temperature in the Bi-Color model.


Much More Than Just a Ring Light


    Let’s maximize your investment. We have designed a special soft box to work specifically with the R720S. Remember how the R720S can be powered by small, Sony NP-F batteries? Yes, you’re thinking what I am thinking … a portable, battery powered, high-intensity soft box.