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Yongnuo YN-900 LED panel lámpa Bi-colour 3200K – 5600K

Yongnuo YN-900 LED panel lámpa Bi-colour 3200K – 5600K

89 500 Ft (nettó: 70 472 Ft)

Fényforrás:  900db LED

Világítási szög: 55°
Színhőmérséklet:  3200-5500K
Vezérelhetőség mobiltelefonnal: >30m
Távirányító hatótávolsága:  >30m
Teljesítmény: 54W
Súly: 1480g
Lumen: 7200LM
Méret: 260*188*48mm
Ledek átlagos élettartama: 50.000 óra
Tápegység: két lithium akkumulátor vagy külső energiaforrás: 19V vagy 5A DC


Cikkszám: YN900B Kategória: Címke:


Csomag tartalma:

1 x YN-900 LED Video Light
1 x IR Remote Control
1 x Handgrip
2 x Color Temperature Plates (White and Orange)
1 x User Manual
Original Package


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 YN900 is equipped with multi channel wireless remote controller which is used to adjust the luminous intensity and control the switch of YN900. Furthermore, it is very convenient to use this controller to control the luminous intensity and the switches of 8 groups of video lights.
2 A mobile APP is provided on our official website. With this mobile APP, you can control this LED video light with your mobile phone, read the current parameter of the luminous intensity and channel, and, control the luminous intensity and the switches of 8 groups of video lights individually. You can control your LED video light as needed.
3 YN900 is equipped with a Type-D lamp holder which is very convenient for you to fasten and use YN900 on various kinds of flash bracket.
4 YN900 adopts 900 high quality LED lamp beads with chips of extra-large luminous area. In the same energy consumption, the luminous intensity is greater, the facular is more uniform and the service life is longer.
5 YN900 adopts YONGNUO proprietary LED driving technology which does great help to effectively avoid corrugation and stroboscopic flash.
6 YN900 adopts encoder digital dimming system, including coarse tuning mode and fine tuning mode.
7 On the LED digital display screen of YN900, the parameter of the power output is intuitional.
8 Shooting for long time is possible because YN900 supports external DC power input (power adapter is optional).
9 The fan forced heat dissipation YN900 adopts solves the heating problem after the long use of LED video light.
10 YN900, equipped with 2 pieces of color temperature filters, can be used under different circumstances.