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CineWare LED Fresnel Spot Light 70W

CineWare LED Fresnel Spot Light 70W

220 500 Ft (nettó: 173 622 Ft)

  • CRI 95
  • DMX vezérlés
  • DC12V, AC100-240V
  • Hangtalan


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CineWare LED Fresnel Spot Light 70W fresnel spot light is suitable for indoor

& outdoor video shooting and photography, especially for film shoting.



Model type CineWare LED Fresnel Spot Light 70W
Voltage AC 100-240V
Power 70W
Color Temperature 5600K or 3200K
Illuminance 3500Lux/2m
Size 250*290*430mm
Lens Diameter 130mm
CRI >95

The 70 watt Fresnel is ideal for film and TV recordings. Due to the fresnel operation in combination with the steel barndoors, this LED lamp can be used for attractive and accurate lighting.

  • This fresnel spot is ideal for film and television recordings where profile lighting is very important.
  • In addition, it is extremely suitable for theater.
  • This spot can be delivered in various versions.
  • With or without DMX.
  • Steplessly dimmable.
  • Spot and flood infinitely adjustable from 11 to 55 degrees.
  • Daylight 5600K.
  • Artificial light 3200K.
  • Bicolor infinitely adjustable.
  • Light output 3500 LUX at 2 meters distance.
  • Made from sturdy metal with barndoors and filter holder.
  • It weighs 6.5 kg and can be used on a tripod or hanging.
  • Furthermore, this LED lamp can be supplied with a separate V-lock battery connection so that it can also be used without mains power.
  • Available in black or white housing.