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Zhiyun Motion Sensor Remote Control (Weebill S & Crane 3S)

Zhiyun Motion Sensor Remote Control (Weebill S & Crane 3S)

75 600 Ft (nettó: 59 528 Ft)


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Tech Specs.
Item Min. Standard Max. Remark
Operation Voltage 6.5V 7.4V 8.4V
Operation Current – 30mA –
Charging Voltage – 5V –
Charging Current – 2000mA –
Output Voltage – 5V –
Output Current – 500mA –
Following Deviation in Static State – – –
Following Deviation in Motion State – – –
Tilt Mechanical Range – – –
Roll Mechanical Range – – –
Pan Mechanical Range – – –
Controllable Tilt Angle – – –
Controllable Roll Angle – – –
Controllable Pan Angle – – –
Operation Temperature 0℃ 25℃ 45℃
Battery Capacity 1300mAh
Battery Runtime – – 5H Lab Data 1
Charging Time – 1.5H – Lab Data 2
Valid Payload – – –
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2
Charging for Receivers Yes
Compatible Models


Packing List
Name & Spec. Qty.
Remote Controller 1
Extension Plate 1
Micro USB Cable 1
ZW-Micro-002 Cable 1
User Guide 1


Packing Specifications
Item Dim./Weight Remark
Product Dimension 39*54*162 W*D*H
Package Size 102*59*226mm L*W*H
Carton Size (Weebill-S) 574*380*316mm L*W*H
Product Net Weight 240g
Gross Weight (including package) 480g
Packing Weight 15.5kg 30Units/Carton


TransMount Motion Sensor Remote Controller
An Ecosystem of Motion & Vision Control
Equipped with specific gimbals , the whole TransMount Image Transmission System
gives you full vision & motion control over camera and gimbal.
Ergonomic Design; Effortless Control
Featuring ergonomic design, TransMount Motion Sensor Remote Controller is comfortable to hold
and is with optimal button layout for the operator to control the shots effortlessly.
Intuitive OLED Display
Camera Parameter
Gimbal Mode
Battery Level (Controller)
Connecting Status
APP-Free Parameter Adjustment
No need to go through the fuss of app connection, TransMount Motion Sensor Remote Controller
allows you to control every detail of gimbal and camera precisely, instantly and remotely, bringing
to you an effortless shooting experience like never before.
*Please refer to WEEBILL-S camera compatibility list for control compatibility of specific
Stay Focused All the Way
The remote controller employs a zoom rocker and focus controller for the operator to zoom or
focus with flawless, full-range precision. You can even customize sensitivity of the two for
optimal experience.
*Please refer to WEEBILL-S compatibility list for zoom/focus compatibility of specific cameras.
SyncMotion: Control in Motion
With an upgraded motion sensor module, the motion sensor remote controller answers
every call with agility. After pairing the remote controller with receiver & transmitter and
monitor, you can control the gimbal as you move, see and create.